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karak link download ( mediafire download )

Four students are heading back to their college in Kuantan, after a night out in Kuala Lumpur, when they encounter massive traffic on the Karak highway. In an attempt to make it back in time for their classes in the morning, they decide to exit the highway and take an alternative route back to Kuantan via the old single carriageway trunk road.... not knowing that this decision would change their lives forever.

p/s;sebelum download file,anda memerlukan software hj split,iaitu untuk join part2 mnjadi hnya satu part shj..
apa yang anda perlu lakukan slps download adalah pertama sekali,buka hj split..slps itu,klik pda join dn cari .001 ..
slpas itu,anda boleh memilih untuk simpan sama ada dalam folder video ataupun sebaliknya.. :)

part 1 |  part 2  |  part 3  |  part 4

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34 foto terindah

djP0S Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!

Inilah 34 Foto tempat terindah di Bumi dilihat dari Luar Angkasa.

Indean Ocean Maldives “The sunny side of life” is a catchphrase used to attract tourists to the Maldive Islands. Well it certainly looks heavenly from the ISS. Time to order a large drink, you know, one with a lot of fruit and a little umbrella, then stretch out on a hammock and just enjoy life, watching what I can only imagine a marvelous sunset. Image Credit: NASA/ESA
HIqXg Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Pacific Ocean Hawaii
Aloha! Scanning westward we approach the Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island is clearly visible. Kilauea is sometimes called “the world’s only drive-in volcano.” This prolific volcano currently produces 250,000-650,000 cubic yards of lava per day, enough to resurface a 20-mile-long, two-lane road daily. Image: NASA/ESA
djP0S Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Aurora Australis, New Zealand
I do not think I have ever seen the Aurora from inside the Aurora itself. This images is awesome on so many levels. It reminds me of a laser show by Jean Michel Jarre – secretive and mysterious. Image: NASA/ESA
uXrGq Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
East coast of Spain at Night 
Looking southward on to the east coast of Spain, at night, with the Balearic sea as a dark cloak. The Island of Mallorca is visible on the top left. With Barcelona’s bright lights behind some clouds, I’m reminded about my own bucket list. One day I want to go there to see FC Barcelona face Real Madrid. Soccer might not be huge in the US but it is by far the leading sport in the rest of the world.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
PTFzY Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea
Manam or “the Green Volcano” as I’d like to call it, is just 10 kilometers (6 miles) across. Manam is a stratovolcano, composed of alternating layers of ash, lava, and rocks from prior eruptions. Manam is one of Papua New Guinea’s most active volcanoes, and it has occasionally caused casualties, including 13 deaths from a pyroclastic flow in December 1996, and four deaths from a mudflow in March 2007. On a happier note, this image looks like a perfect movie set (Jurassic Park or King Kong comes to mind).
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
5diMP Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
HTV on ISS backdrop East coast of Argentina
Sometimes when I look at photos I get a vertigo feel come over me. This is one of those. My stomach turns when I imaging actually being on the ISS, looking down on our beautiful planet. We see the Atlantic Ocean off the Argentinian coast. More precisely, we see San Matias Gulf.
Image credit: NASA/ESA
0KYzB Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Beaver Lake in Arkansas USA
Beaver Lake, a man-made reservoir, completed in 1966 and nestled high in the Ozark Mountains, is located in northwest Arkansas, the birthplace of the White River. Even if man-made lakes sometimes are destructive to wildlife, it is still pretty impressive how mankind can shape our planet.
fYyZ2 Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
East Coast of the USA, with the last light of the day visible on the horizon
With New York and Long Island on the bottom left we see a big chunk of the east coast at night. The last light of the day at the horizon is spectacular. I wonder if it’s still possible to pay 20 million or so to go to the ISS? If so, my only problem would be to find the 20 million…
x4gZX Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Earth and the stars
So this is what the Milky Way looks like when there are no annoying city lights to obstruct the view. To quote Dr. McCoy from Star Trek “In this galaxy there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets. And in the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all that, and perhaps more…only one of each of us.”
evESO Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Long Beach California night clouds
Only half an hour from where I am in beautiful Santa Monica we have this place, Long Beach. The place where you can find “Queen Mary” and “The Aquarium of the Pacific”. One of the best things is to take a whale watching day trip when the gray whales migrate. They move right off the coast here.
czcYP Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
United Kingdom and Ireland by night
Home to authors of Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare), Pride and Prejudice (Austin), Dracula (Stoker) and Harry Potter (J.K. Rowlings). Last time I was in London was just before the shift of the millennium in 1999. The British Isles are magnificent and I always feel very drawn to them. I love the British (and Irish) people. Image: NASA/ESA
nRyht Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
ATV launch viewed from ISS
Arianespace and ESA Launched an ATV bound for the ISS. It must be pretty cool to be so high up and be able to see that far. Wonder what the actual distance was from the ISS to the ATV launch?
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
kTKQQ Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
ISS solar panelss
The solar panels of the ISS is actually quite majestic. With the last light on the horizon the colors are enhanced and adds a bit of a mystery.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
eV1S2 Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
French Riviera by night
The Côte d’Azur is not only super expensive, super popular but also super beautiful. The moonlight reflection in the Mediterranean sea only enhances the beauty. This place might be the only place that really can rival southern California.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
FVaCq Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Barcelona, Spain by night
The lights from Barcelona are really bright here. It looks like a perfect cloud-free shot. It always surprises me how clear these night images of our beautiful planet are. A very nice picture.
veRHj Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Super Moon
On March 19th of this year we had a “Super Moon” sighting across out planet. A “supermoon” is the coincidence of a full moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth. The moon photographed from the ISS is spectacular, and in this picture even Earth looks trippy.
KX42t Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cape Cod, often referred to locally as “the Cape”, is an island and a cape in the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusett. The Sun’s reflection turns the Atlantic into gold, highlighting the marvelous Cape. It’s almost like it’s on a “golden” shimmer.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
6E6F5 Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Moscow, Russia by Night
A city with over 10 Million, Moscow is not only the capital of Russia but also the heart of European culture. The Russians are passionate, proud, smart, sexy but also highly intellectual, sophisticated and frankly a lot of fun. The heart of a super power in all areas is what this picture gives us. And the city is magnificent.
M2A81 Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Sunset off West Africa
This image puzzles me a bit. We can see the beautiful last glow of the sunset. But then there is the bright light on the horizon. The angle gives me two light sources? I thought we only had one sun…
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
MvZpk Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Sicily, Italy
Well Sicily has been crowned the original home of the Mafia by the Godfather movies. I for one see beauty and and a majestic island, filled with passionate, food and music loving people, some courageously living in the shadow of a monster of a volcano (Etna). Not clear if it is the sunlight or moonlight reflected in the Mediterranean sea around it. In any case the shot is incredible.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
fS6iG Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Lake Qadisiyah on the Euphrates river, Iraq
Haditha Dam, an earth-fill dam on the Euphrates, north of Haditha, creating Lake Qadisiyah. From space it looks like a chinese dragon, ready to launch an attack. There are many beautiful spots in Iraq, unfortunately unreachable due to the never ending violence and war. One day perhaps we can travel and experience the beauty of the Euphrates- and Tigris deltas, and all historical places it hides. Perhaps even the garden of Eden.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
DX5Xk Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Heart shaped atoll north east of Solomon Islands
This atoll is favored by the astronauts on the ISS. They sent us this on Valentines day (Feb 14th). An atoll is an island (or islands) of coral, that encircles a lagoon, partially or completely. If you look it up, you’ll find that an atoll is actually the top of an old volcano. Very beautiful and cleverly done by the ISS crew.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
2Vzi7 Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
San Quintin Glacier, Chile
The San Quintín Glacier is the largest outflow glacier of the Northern Patagonian Ice Field, in southern Chile. Like many glaciers worldwide during the twentieth century, San Quintín appears to be losing mass and retreating rapidly. Natural order, or man-made effect? I’m not going to speculate, but instead enjoy the beauty of a majestic glacier.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
4lpzx Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Crete, Greece and Turkey
To continue this article of photos from space, I also found this crystal clear, day time image of Hellas (Greece), Turkey and the exciting island of Crete. Crete has a rich mythology, mostly connected with the ancient greek Gods, but also connected with the Minoan civilization. Among other Crete is the birthplace of the the God Zeus in greek mythology. The Island has the world famous labyrinth (Palace) of Knossos.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
DKEwy Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Nile River
The Nile is a major north-flowing river in North Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world. It is 6,650 km (4,130 miles) long. At the very bottom of the picture you can see where the Blue Nile joins with the White Nile, to form “the Nile”. It was while searching for the origins of the Nile that explorer Dr Livingston met up with Stanley, that in turn lead to the now famous expression: “Dr Livingston I presume?”
MIUwg Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Buenos Aires, Argentina – Rio de la Plata
Rio de la Plata, is the river formed by the confluence of the Uruguay River and the Paraná River on the border between Argentina and Uruguay. It looks like a painting, with a silver blood vein fueling a grand heart down to the left. Very exotic, almost alien like, with stunning light reflections.
wvDve Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Cyclone Dianne forms off the north west coast of Australia
In meteorology, a cyclone is an area of closed, circular fluid motion, rotating in the same direction as the Earth. I’ve seen pictures of hurricanes and cyclones before but if you look close you can actually glance the planet beneath. Look at the center of the eye. It’s just a blue thread, but still pretty cool.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
qTMs3 Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Somali Desert
Beautiful red ‘coral’, north of Bacaadweyn, west of KalabaydhImage. This I have not seen before. It’s like the Earth is bleeding. Spectacular picture. Credit: NASA/ESA
EklyO Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Chaco National Park Paraguay
The great American Chaco is a plain of about 1.000.000 km2. It covers parts of Bolivia , Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. The clouds around the edges make the planet below look like reptile scales. Perhaps it is where Godzilla is lurking.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
gUCho Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Parque Nacional Los Glaceres Argentina
Lago Argentino in the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. It is the biggest freshwater lake in Argentina, with a surface area of 1,466 km2 (566 sq mi). However look closely and you can see an imprint of a body. Just like someone fell from the sky and made a huge impact.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
XiFZO Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Santiago, Cabo Verde
Cabo Verde is an archipelago of 10 islands, located in the central Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometres off the coast of Western Africa. Even if the name implies “green” it looks very dry to me. Santiago is the largest island of Cape Verde, with an area of 991 km². The island is mountainous, although slightly flatter in the southeast. Transcontinental slavery made Cidade Velha the second richest city in the Portuguese realm.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
pBbMw Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
The Dead Sea, Israel
The Dead Sea, also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. Its surface and shores are 423 metres (1,388 ft) below sea level, the lowest elevation on the Earth’s surface on dry land. The sea has a density of 1.24 kg/L, making swimming difficult but providing a relaxing floating experience. Interesting how they named it the “dead sea”, being next to the holy land.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
Fhs38 Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Rio Sao Francisco, Brazil
The colors and shapes of the river and the fields make a beautiful, and unexpected composition. It’s like one of God’s paintings.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA
h4aP4 Beautiful Planet   Oh I so want to go to the ISS!
Sunset reflection in the Caspian Sea
The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed body of water on Earth by area, variously classed as the world’s largest lake or sea. The sea has a surface area of 371,000 km2 (143,200 sq mi). I decided to end my article with this magnificent shot. Our planet is pure gold. Cherish it, it’s the only one we got.
Image Credit: NASA/ESA

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Macam best je pertandingan ni. Actually, sahabat saya yang recommend pertandingan ni.

Syarat2 nak join pertandingan ni senang.

1) mula-mula boleh la follow blog ni. Katanya, tiada paksaan nak follow. Haha.
2) kena buat entry ni. Tajuk seperti di atas.
3) Kena letak gambar ni. Ok dah letak.

4) letakkan link blog tu. ok, kat sini.
5) kena komen.
basically, rasanya blog ni masih baru. tapi mula mempromosikan blognya dengan cara yang menarik sekali ye. Apa salahnya sokong en. Baru baca beberapa entry. Not bad. Rasanya ada potensi untuk menjadi blog yang mantap. kepada sesiapa yang berminat, nak join and support blog ni at the same time, jom kita sama2 join pertandingan ni. :)

6) kena tinggalkan link post ni dekat comment dalam post dye yang ini.
7) Alhamdulillah. Selesai.

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kelebihan kidal

"Orang Kidal": Individu yang cenderung menggunakan tangan kiri berbanding tangan kanan. Kebanyakan orang kidal boleh dikenal pasti sejak dari zaman kanak-kanak lagi.
Pada masa dahulu, kebanyakan ibubapa beranggapan anak yang kidal, seolah olah ada kecacatan. Akan tetapi, kini mereka menyedari, "orang kidal" mempunyai keunikan dan keistimewaan dibandingkan dengan mereka yang menggunakan tangan kanan.
Menurut statistik, hanya ada 10% di kalangan penduduk dunia adalah orang kidal.
Menurut kajian saintifik, orang kidal lebih cenderung menggunakan fungsi otak sebelah kanan. Otak sebelah kanan biasanya mengawal kreativiti, muzik, IQ, emosi, kebijaksanaan.
Kelebihan orang orang kidal:
1. Leadership/ Pemimpin
2. Berfikiran pantas
3. Kreatif
4. Berdikari
5. Pintar
6. Cepat belajar/Fast learner
*SO kpd anda yg KIDAL uh , berbanggga la oke ^^

Monday, June 13, 2011

Islam Agama Yang Indah,Saya Baca Al-Quran Setiap Hari -Tony Blair

Perdana Menteri ini pada mulanya enggan menyentuh  mengenai agama. Namun setelah tidak        menjadi PM, ia menyatakan baru menganut Katolik. Kini, ia membaca Al Quran setiap hari.

Mulanya, Blair serta menteri , Alastair Campbell, dikenali dengan ucapan khas mereka. “We don’t do God.” Sejak  turun pangkat PM pada 2007, Blair  berubah.

Beberapa bulan setelah turun pangkat, ia menyatakan pindah agama menjadi Katolik. Kini, ia membaca kitab suci umat Islam, Al Quran, setiap hari. Menurut pemimpin parti buruh ini, Al Quran membantunya  beriman.

“beriman amat penting di era globalisasi seperti ini. Saya membaca Al Quran setiap hari sebagai cara untuk mengerti apa yang terjadi di dunia dan karana sifatnya yang abstrak,” ujar Blair dalam wawancara dengan majalah Observer.

Blair yakin pengetahuannya mengenai Islam akan membantu perananya saat ini sebagai Duta Besar Timur Tengah untuk  PBB, AS, Uni Eropa (UE), dan Rusia. Ia ingin membantu menyelesaikan konflik Palestin-Israel.Blair juga memuji Islam sebagai sebuah agama yang indah dan Nabi Muhammad ia katakan sebagai pejuang yang kuat. Pada 2006, ia pernah menyatakan Al Quran sebagai kitab yang terus berinfomasi,sesuai, dan seakan dibuat mendahului zamannya.

sumber :

Cinta Muka Buku ( original) - Najwa Latif

How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

petua untuk bahagia

Tanpa sebuah persefahaman, tidak mungkin istana yang dibina menemui kebahagiaan sebagaimana diharapkan.

Biar berjuta halangan merentangi namun jika tersurat kasih dan sayang dua insan berkenaan, pasti ia menemukan ketulusan yang abadi.

Dalam melayari rumah tangga berdua, pasti banyak onak terpaksa dilalui. Hanya mereka yang kuat, tabah dan mampu mendepani segalanya bakal menjulang kebahagiaan.

Perunding motivasi dan keluarga, Datuk Dr Fadzilah Kamsah memberi 63 petua yang boleh dijadikan amalan pasangan suami isteri yang melayari rumah tangga.

1. Doa yang berterusan.

2. Patuh ajaran agama.

3.. Murah dengan pujian.

4. Murah dengan khidmat.

5. Murah dengan belaian kasih sayang.

6.. Murah dengan sentuhan.

7. Mencari kebaikan pasangan.

8. Cari masa berkomunikasi, berbual atau bergurau senda.

9. Cari kebaikan dan pembaikan diri daripada setiap pertengkaran.

10. Menghormati had, sempadan atau hal peribadi pasangan.

11. Menilai diri daripada perspektif pasangan.

12. Berfikiran terbuka - boleh tegur menegur.

13. Berani mengambil risiko emosi - tegur/perubahan/ berpisah sementara.

14. Menilai dan memberi keutamaan dalam kehidupan.

15. Tolak-ansur.

16. Menghormati dan mengambil kira ¡gerak batin¢ (intuition) perempuan.

17. Tidak mengejar kebendaan semata-mata.

18. Sedar bahawa perselisihan kadangkala tidak boleh dielakkan..

19. Mengubah diri untuk merangsang perubahan pada pasangan.

20. Sanggup berkorban buat pasangan.

21. Menghormati pasangan.

22. Berasa amat beruntung (dan nyatakan) mendapat pasangan yang ada.

23. Perhubungan seksual yang sihat dan diredai.

24. Menghormati perbezaan dalam diri pasangan.

25. Sentiasa bermaafan sebelum tidur.

26. Sentiasa bersangka baik terhadap masa depan.

27. Meletakkan hak kepada pasangan.

28. Tidak menjadi hamba kepada pasangan.

29. Berubah secara kecil-kecilan untuk meningkatkan kebahagiaan.

30. Mengawal marah. Buat perjanjian.

31. Mencari penyelesaian dalam situasi ¡menang-menang¢ .

32. Muhasabah hubungan untuk mencari punca masalah.

33. Menghormati sifat semula jadi pasangan.

34. Memahami peranan ¡pasangan¢.

35. Hubungan perasaan sesama pasangan.

36. Jangan simpan ketidakpuasan, sedih, marah atau benci dalam hati.

37. Bentuk kod kasih sayang dan anda berdua saja yang tahu.

38. Sengaja merancang untuk membaiki hubungan suami isteri.

39. Tujuh kali puji dan satu teguran.

40. Sebut ¡I love you¢ sepanjang masa.

41. Banyakkan bergurau dan bermesra.

42. Sentiasa berterus terang.

43. Beri masa untuk perubahan berlaku - sabar.

44. Elakkan berdebat untuk mencari kebenaran.

45. Elakkan salah pasangan.

46. Cari titik pertemuan.

47. Selesaikan masalah hari ini pada hari ini juga.

48. Lebih banyak memberi daripada menerima.

49. Minta nasihat, pandangan atau maklum balas daripada pasangan.

50. Sentiasa bersemangat - bangun tidur, pergi kerja, balik kerja dan sebagainya.

51. Seimbangkan hubungan dari segi:

(a) Mental, pendidikan dan ilmu

(b) Emosi

(c) Fizikal dan ekonomi

(d) Sosial

(e) Spiritual

52. Jangan berjauhan terlalu lama (kecuali terpaksa).

53. Tidak terlalu mengongkong.

54. Tidak bertindak bersendirian.

55. Memberi peluang untuk berbeza:

(a) Pendapat atau pandangan

(b) Hobi

(c) Kegemaran

(d) Makanan

(e) Cita rasa

(f) Warna pilihan dan pelbagai

56. Humor atau lawak dari semasa ke semasa.

57. Minta bantuan untuk memecahkan kitaran negatif.

58. Berwawasan dan pandang ke depan (tidak terjebak dengan masalah semasa).

59. Tidak meminta yang bukan-bukan.

60. Bentuk undang-undang atau peraturan dalam rumah tangga.

61. Mencari kelainan dan perubahan positif.

62. Elakkan mendera pasangan dengan apa cara sekalipun.

63. Reda, syukur dan tawakal kepada Allah s.w.t.